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Our work

Body Repair

Following manufactures guide lines to repair and replace needed panels.  Using Alldata and chief leaser measuring system. With the newest software and equipment. 

Customer Pay

We work for you. Repairs can add up quickly, we do our best to keep the cost down when a customer is paying out of pocket. Let us know what you are looking for and we will accommodate to your individual vehicle repair. 

Third Party Pay

We work for you. We do not negotiate the price. However, we can help communicate what is needed to repair the vehicle. We can collect the payment directly from the third party. 


Using PPG paint supplies a high quality paint with long lasting finish. Not only striving provide the best repair we can; we also, are environmental friendly with filters that remove 99% of the air contaminants


At Si’s Auto Body we work for you! When it comes to working with an insurance company there can be a lot of steps. We can walk you through the claims process. From filling the claim to talking with your adjuster. We are very familiar with the claims process and with our experience we will get you through the claims process.

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